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      Sylvia Villagran 



       Luis E. Garcia

   The Spanish Voiceover Guy

            Eileen Galindo


      The Golden Vocal Chords

       Luis Enrique Navarro


       Actor/Voiceover Talent

          Cristina Aceves

Cristina Aceves

    Voice Over Talent/ TV Host

        Berenice Noriega


Voice Over Talent/Actress/Model

Sylvia's INFO

Sylvia Villagran is a voiceover actress extraordinaire. And while you've most likely never seen her face (which is a shame because isn't she gorgeous?), you've most likely heard her voice. She does voiceovers in both English and Spanish - from national commercials to awards shows to the calm voice heard on NBC's Starting Over, Sylvia Villagran is an actor whose voice is in high demand. She is the regular fill-in voice on Entertainment Tonight was even the only woman to fill in for Regis and Kelly's Tony Pigg. 

Luis's INFO

With over 14 years experience as a radio and television announcer, Luis has become one of Northern California's most talented Spanish voice actors.  His broadcasting experience includes on-camera and off-camera productions as well as creative direction for various advertisement campaigns and projects. 

Eileen's INFO

Born in Bronx, New York, Eileen enjoys quite an eclectic background: her father is Puerto Rican and her mother, although born in NY, comes from a mix of Cuban and Spanish blend. Her mother's family stepped foot in the US in 1868 following the tobacco trade as cigar workers, first in Key West, then finally settling in Ybor City (Tampa), Florida. Strongly connected to her Latin heritage, she made it a priority very early on to learn Spanish. Eileen is passionate about children's television, especially the world of Animation.

Luis's INFO

Born in Mexico, began his career at age six in his hometown of Guadalajara by participating in various theater and television productions, which gained his notoriety in his state as an up and coming young actor. In 1991, he moved to Mexico City, where he furthered his career by participating in theater, film and television.

Cristina's INFO

Cristina is one of Southern California’s most respected and best-known television  journalists.  She  was  a  vital part  of Univision for  more than 16  years where she worked as news anchor, and host of the Network morning show Al Medio Día and KMEX’s LA Al  Dia,  a morning  show that  ran  for 13 years  in the highly competitive LA market.

She has represented many companies, including Folgers’s, Dannon and Denny's.

Berenice's INFO

An accomplished actress & model in her home country of Mexico, Berenice has brought her talents to beautiful Hollywood,  California. 

Her wide range, intriguing beauty & professionalism make her an asset on sets, while her talent, personality, and charm infuse her projects & characters with desired intangibles.

     John Maldonado


  Photographer/Actor/VO Artist

John's INFO

He started his photography at the age of 14 when he was given a Nikon SLR for his birthday. A few weeks later he talked his way on stage with Sly and The Family Stone and photographed the concert for his school newspaper. John studied acting at Pittsburgh’s prestigious Carnegie-Mellon University. Upon graduation, John moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

      Alfredo Aranda


Founder/Director of "ED Musica" 

Alfredo's Business INFO

Escuela de Musica is a publishing company in music education material for children as young as 3 years old. Its books are now being used in dozens of schools in the United States, Mexico, Latin America and Spain. It also provides quality instrumental music instruction to public and private school throughout the greater San Diego area.


Lupita's INFO

Lupita Del Castillo nació en San Julián, Jalisco, pero siendo ella muy pequeñita su familia se mudó a León Guanajuato, por eso siente que es “Jali-Guatense”. A la edad de 11 años llega a vivir a los Estados Unidos donde la esperarían grandes sorpresas tanto en su vida personal como profesional.